Online Focus Groups

A fast, fun, lively way to get candid feedback; online focus groups are quickly being accepted by market researchers as a complement to other research tools.

  • All conversation is text based in the iThink online focus group room
  • 8-15 people, pre-recruited to your specs are lead by a professional iThink moderator
  • Respondents participate from the comfort of their own computer 
  • Geographically dispersed 
  • Visuals and audio files can be shared and discussed
  • An instant transcript is available for analysis
  • Consumer comfort with “texting” has greatly increased the nuanced learning compensating for the lack of visual “body language” cues

Online Bulletin Board Focus Groups

  • Online Bulletin Board Focus Groups allow respondents and moderators to share input in a relaxed time frame usually scheduled over 3-10 days.
  • Conversation is text based. Respondents are encouraged to respond to other’s posts
  • 20-50 respondents can be accommodated
  • Moderator/Respondent interaction is asynchronous
  • Visuals and audio can be shared

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